Double Crown PL (Professional Line)

Double Crown Professional Line gas Burner

Double Crown PL (Professional Line) Burner

Double Crown PL (Professional Line) burner is the natural end-to-end range for Professional Line burners, which with their strong line and high-strength materials make it the ideal product for hobs and free-standing cookers for the most demanding markets.
With single or double inlet, consist of an aluminium support, a brass flamespreader and an inner brass or steel lid. These components are available in various combinations:

  • Diamond finished aluminium support;
  • Aluminium support with Total Black finish;
  • Sand blasted brass flamespreader;
  • Brass flamespreader with Total Black finish;
  • Inner sand blasted brass lid;
  • Inner lid with Total Black finish;

It is designed to fit the Series 6 PL burners.

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