• Sabaf Gas Taps

    A lifetime experience! Sabaf has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of taps and thermostats for gas cooking for over 60 years.

  • Sabaf Gas Thermostats

    For over 60 years, Sabaf has designed and manufactured a wide range of thermostats for gas cooking appliances.

  • Sabaf Gas Burners

    To meet the multiple market requests and culinary traditions of countries all over the world, Sabaf strives to develop increasingly new models of burners, which differ in power and distribution of the flame.

  • Sabaf Oven Burners

    The already large Sabaf product range now includes gas burners for ovens and grills.

    Sabaf has created a burner which guarantees very high level performances with an excellent flame distribution.

  • You can find many products for your needs on the websites of the other companies of the Sabaf Group:

    ARC S.r.l. – burners for professional cooking and catering.

  • Sabaf Accessories

    Sabaf can offer a wide range of accessories for its taps, thermostats and burners. All the accessories are developed in-house and are optimized to function with the main products.