Double Ring Burners

Sabaf Double Ring Burners DCC

Double Ring burners represent the greatest expression of power, technology and modularity.

By keeping a linear design, they adapt easily to all products, meeting the needs of every type of cooking as they combine on the same product powers from 0.3 kW up to 6 kW. In addition, with an efficiency of 60%, they represent the continuous evolution of special burners towards high efficiency and energy saving.

The burners have two concentric rings of flames of contained dimensions, which allow a better heat distribution and a uniform cooking of the food.

The burner’s injector holder cup is available in two versions: with a double or single inlet. Double inlet version can be used either with a single two-way tap, which can regulate separately the flow of gas on the two flame rings according to previously defined functioning diagrams, or with two one-way taps, which will regulate the outer and inner ring separately.

Various flame-spreaders with different dimensions, powers and materials (in aluminium, brass or with a brass flame-spreader ring) are available.

Thanks to the attentive study of this product, it has been possible to reduce the distance between the flame-spreader and the pan support to a minimum, allowing a sleeker and more modern design.

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