Sabaf is "Centrality of the person"

Sabaf has as its core value and therefore as a fundamental criterion for all its decisions the PERSON. This creates a central entrepreneurial vision that guarantees the individual’s dignity and freedom within the framework of a shared code of conduct.
The centrality of the person represents a universal value. In accordance with this universal value, the Sabaf Group reject all choices that do not respect the individual’s physical, cultural and moral integrity, even if such decisions would be efficient, economically beneficial and legally acceptable.


Through constant innovation, the Group has succeeded in achieving excellent results, identifying some of the most advanced and efficient technological and productive solutions currently available, and creating a virtuous circle of continuous processes and product improvement. The know-how acquired over the years in the internal development and construction of machinery, tools and moulds, is synergetically integrated with the know-how in the development and production of our products and represents the critical success factor of the Group.

The manufacturing sites in Italy and abroad are designed to ensure that products are based on the highest technological standard available today. They are a cutting-edge model in terms of both environmental protection and worker safety.


Attention to environmental issues materializes through:

  • Innovative production processes with lower energy consumption in the product manufacturing.
  • In manufacturing eco-efficient products. In particular, burners that reduce fuel consumption (natural or other gases) and emissions (particularly carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide) during use.

Sabaf is "SAFETY"

Safety for Sabaf is not mere compliance with existing standards, but a management philosophy striving for continuous improvement in performance, in order to guarantee the end users an increasingly safe product.



Sabaf is continuing to expand by becoming established in international markets, seeking to replicate its business model in emerging countries and adapting it to the local cultures.

Sabaf is "enhanced exploitation of intangible assets AND INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL"

Sabaf focuses on boosting human capital (increasing employees’ skills, sense of ownership and satisfaction), thus aiding development of organizational capital (operating know-how and processes improvement), whilst assuring constant development of relational capital (in terms of improved interaction with stakeholders).

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