Variable fulcrum hinge

Sabaf Faringosi Variable fulcrum hinge

Roto-translation hinges

The characteristic movement of this type of hinge is a roto-translation obtained using several rotation points of different axes. In this way, it is possible to  obtain, in the position of greatest opening, different distances (expansions) between the door and the front.

This type of hinge is used when:

  • there is a full-width glass door
  • there are problems of overall dimensions: such as obstacles to avoid during the opening movement of the door

Different cam profiles permit to obtain different opening forces and grill positions.

Three different types of “expansion” are available:

  • 29 mm expansion
  • 32 mm expansion
  • 41 mm expansion

Doors weighing up to 9 Kg can be balanced with a variable fulcrum hinge.

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